Thursday, 15 December 2011

Maitra / Oxygen

Day before yesterday Lokmat news paper have celebrated its 40th anniversary. I remember I am reading Lokmat from the age of 12 or 13th and this news papers best part which i wanted to read was its supplement Maitra. Now days its called as 'Oxygen' because its really working as oxygen for our young generation. Today also I am very crazy for Maitra [Oxygen], It will always remain for me as maitra, because its my very first friend of my life when i needed. It gives me a life time teaching. I learned from this supplement many things, as why life is important? how we can make it more useful? what is satisfied living? how to handle relations when it seems to go to worse? how to improve our love life? how to bond our friendship? do's and dont's of life, friendship, love relationship? Main thing its aware time to time its readers from Aids/HIV. It gives the platform to share untold, unbareble things. It helps to move on in life.  Maitra gave me hand in my worse days. Maitrey controlled my mind whenever I loose it. People think it hyperbolic, but its not. Whatever I am saying its a truth. In all over maharashtra this is the only supplement which gives you answer of your every query. Just read it once and you will become the fan of maitra. Whenever I read it I find something new in it. I know you people are thinking why I am telling these thing you today? is it giving me money to write this article ? no! it have given me a new life. just before five minute i read todays edition and feel that the thing which inspire me should go through my friends eyes. So keep sometime for urself  and please read it. thankyou

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