Friday, 16 December 2011

53rd Annual Conference of ISLE

From today the 53rd Annual Conference of ISLE [Indian society of labour economic] having placed at Udaypur. I was so much enthusiastic to attend this conference. Thats why I took many efforts. As I left my story writing and in very few days, from 10 to 15 days I wrote an essay on the subject 'WOMEN WORK'. There were three subjects 1.Women Work 2.Labour Economic 3.Social Protection for Workers in India. but I felt more comfortable with the subject 'WOMEN WORK', most appealing reason to choose this subject is that I am also a women and after my MLS[ Master in Labour Studies] I am going to work in factories or companies. Whatever as an women I have a brief idea of culture of working women, problems of working women so I choose it. It was not easy to write this paper in a small period but internet made it easy. I got easily all knowledge about the situation of working women. Then I write it in my 'tuti-futi' english. Which was so funny. I had changed some sentence's meaning because of grammatical mistakes. Our Bodhankar sir helped me to sort out hat all errors and finally I got my paper. I was not so sure but my inner side was telling me that my paper will be accepted definitely. Hmmm ....god blessed my inner side! But I had created an error, I have not mentioned there references. Hahahaha... without references my paper was worthless, but my some points was so strong that no one can ignore them. And it happened. While i had loosed all hopes I got an email. Mentioning that they have accepted my paper and hoping that I will be there on 17th to 19th for presentations. That day I was so much happy. It was my first achievement in study matter. My Bodhankar sir was proud to see that my hardwork is working.
But however luck said 'no' to go. I mean I have an important exam on sunday 18th so it is not possible to attend this conference and present my work. Still I am happy that i could atleast reached there. My name is in the list of paper presenters, my abstract will publish in journal. My confidence level have gotten high that I can write good in social and study matter also. Next time I will be definitely there with new subject and new presentation. Wait for me 54th Annual Conference of ISLE......

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