Thursday, 29 December 2011

happy new year to all dears n nears

as my laptop have gone out of service and i have no idea that when it will become useful , today....sorry tonight i, now at the moment i want to wish my all friends,''have a happy new year!''
though my dearest Bodhankar sir many time asked it,'' why we people are so much excited for new year? while we have done nothing for cumming new year? its a rule, its a earth matter, that after every 365 days an year finish, then anyone die or live no matter with it. the life cycle go and goes on!'' hmmmm! what you say my friends? what ? hey dont be tensed. leave it... but many time i thought in some condition's my fav sir is right. think as the year going from our life, its also true that we are loosing an year from our life!!!!! oh, i am getting tensed now. there are so many things that i had thought for 2011, but i have not fulfill that all. even only 2 novels i have written with all corrections and searching publisher for both of them. then only one news paper is i got which is publishing my articles because i have not tried for others. it all is my fault. one good news, i have sent 1 sweet romantic story to our bodyguard Salman Khan on his Mumbai address and left all on god. why should not hoping for good. so i hope that he will definitely like my story and call me. also Lokshahi warta news paper asked for more articles from me. oh!!! there are so many reasons for being happy. thankyou god and so much thankyou to all of you buddies for being with me.....have cracking , blasting and happy new u allllllll

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