Sunday, 18 December 2011

Honey Trap

To get success people can do anything. They just want to make their things workable by all mean. Then it may be fair or foul. Its recent example is Honey Trap! It means in urban language,'To pay money by a women to another women to do flirt with her boyfriend or husband and see what is feedback? is her boyfriend or husband is faithful or not?' But now days honey trap is working for another reason.
Enemy countries are using this honey trap to trap civil person's, commando's, military person's and ex-serviceman. Now they have invented a new weapon to spy on us,'Honey Trap!'. Just before some days this thing have opened that those government related person's are using facebook and these type of other social sites, enemy country's agent's are trapping them by making fake accounts on name of girls and women's and then done romantic chatting with official person's. Trying to know if they get any secret information. Many time in the flow of chatting these official serviceman told many secrets and essential things about country safety. Which is so much dangerous regarding to our social security. In the investigation it come to know that a military person had shown his 'A. K. 47' in vedeo chating. While reason asked he said to impress that lady he done that. As military person's live alone there on border, chatting with girls is an refreshment for them, a way to remove feeling of lonelyness. Our enemy countries are just taking its advantage to know important things about security matters.
However when government has noticed this thing, it banned use of social networking sites in the area of military and government offices. Also made aware to military about this honey trap. It re strictly told to all government employees not to use official computers for social networking. 

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