Saturday, 24 December 2011

Atal Bihari Vajpayee

 'क्या पाया क्या खोया जगमे, मिलते और बिछाडते अपने!
  मुझे किसीसे नही शिकायत, यद्यपि  छला गया पग पग पे!'
How meaningful line's! A real truth of life of Atalaji. Atal means 'firm at a place!' and Atal Bihari Vajpayee is the best person for this word. I never meet Atalji personally but i have a strong wish to meet him. He is one of the politician whom I respect so much. But there is something more than respect for him in my heart, that is love! Love as a daughter, love as an indian, love as a poet. When first I heard Atalaji's poems, I became fan of him. Atalaji is really a very sensitive person. We can experience his sensitiveness from his poems, his speeches. His everything is touchy. He is one of them who devote their whole life for their nation. I am not here to build pools in praise of Atalaji, I am here to show that how much I like him, respect his work. When he was Prime Minister, Abdul Kalam was there as President. So nice was those years. Calm, happy and joyful! I remember that one jingle,'school chale hum!' specially made for 'Sarw shiksha abhiyan.' I saw it everyday on DD national and feel good.
Whenever someone asked me that,''who is your ideal politician?''
I answered,''Atal Bihari Vajpayee!''
The same incident happened once and the questioning person said,''Mna Atalaji is became so old, even hi can not speak well. So choose someone else.''
I didnt appreciate it. How can someone speak such a foolish thing? while we can keep Bhagat Singh or anyother dead person as our ideal, why I can not make my political ideal to Atalaji?
Whatever leave it. Today is Atalaji's 87th birthday! Many many happy returns of the day Atalji and thankyou for being with us.
Hope people will remind always your devotion towards nation. Jay hind jay bharat! 

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