Sunday, 1 April 2012

Stranger's are not dangerous

Nagpur to Shegaon and Shegaon to Nagpur, I have to travel one's in two three month's as Shegaon is my mother's maternal home and Nagpur is mine. So this way is so familiar for me. I enjoy that four hour journey so much and every time get something new with new experiences. I mostly prefer train. Because I love crowd. It gives me a chance to interact new people and know their views. But last month (march) I decided to go to Shegaon on time. There was no chance of getting reservation. So I have to go in general class. But I was late. I reached on station at train's depart time. There was a big line of passengers on ticket counter. I had gone. Train could depart any time. I was just stand there idol thinking that I have missed my train. But the person sitting at ticket window caught my facial gesture's and called me. Asked me where I want to go and made my ticket first.  Train had moved from station so I run fast towards train. I remind Jab We Mate's Karinaa Kapoor, I thought if she could get a running train then why would not me? A broad smile spread on my face. I run with full force from stare's and saw a person stood in the door. I give my hand him and jumped in train. Yes! I got train. But I was in pantry area. and the person who took me in was pantry in-charge. He was a sweet looking young bihari guy. There's pantry worker was staring me as I am a showpiece. I felt so awkward. I told the in-charge officer that I will go in general as next station will come. ''No need, you can sit in my cabin.'' he said innocently. I remind something told by my mother,''Dont speak with stranger's, stranger's are danger.''  But that time I had no other choice than accept his offer. So I sit in his cabin. He offer me water, tea, coffee. I did not accept anything. Two time he came in cabin for taking something. Both time I felt comforting. May be he read my face and did not come in again. After an hour a T.T. came and ask me ticket. After seeing my general class ticket, he demanded for 400 rupees as the pantry cabin charges are same as first class. I said no and come out of the cabin. The pantry incharge said,''I speak with T.T. you just sit here.'' But I did not wanted that the T.T. say him anything bad and reject to sit in cabin. So he give me his special sit, an empty, small water drum at the train door, covered by cloth. I sit there and felt too much comfortable. Ones I saw him and think,''what he get by helping me? nothing. Still he help me. So nice.'' I was wanted to know about him. But my destination, Shegaon come and I had to get off from train. He said,''Bye!''
''Thankyou!'' I said and my heart said,''Stranger's are not (always) Dangerous!''

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