Sunday, 19 August 2012

Love marriage ya arranged marriage

Love marriage or arrange marriage, what is the best of it? Is the all time hit question and favorites of teenage and young generation as well as old generation. When I was about to 15-16 year old I was dying to do love marriage with someone. Why? Because he was so cute and a best student of our school. But as I was a dumb, I never opened that chapter and never late him to know my feelings for him. Still I was every time wanted that I should do love marriage. My childish thinking was about to sink in Bollywood filmy love. May be be that was the main reason towards the attraction of 'love marriage'. But as I grown up I find out the lacks of love marriage and the advantages of arrange marriage. I am not saying that we should fully believe on arrange marriage and love marriage is a bad factor of society. Because whatever one do, love or arrange marriage its fully one's responsibility to mean it. But I must say that love marriage is much variable than arrange marriage. Marriage is mostly discussed in our society because of its variability and importance in life. By my view both arrange and love marriage are same. Because in both things one can not avoid adjustment. He or she has to do it in some portion and I think in love marriage one has to do much compromises than in arrange marriage with their partner and family.  

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