Tuesday, 14 August 2012

independence day!

So its our 65th independence day. we have crossed 65 year of independence. Is it really appreciable that we are still fighting with those problem which were there in 19th century or when we were newly gotten independence? Pollution of air, water, surface, sound was happening everywhere in the world and we are trying to control it very well. But what about the growth rate of population ? From 1970s government is trying to cope up with the population, government is trying to decrease the growth rate. For this government had started many schemes, it brings condom's in very low price. It provides the facilities of pills and family operation in reasonable rates. still government have failed. Is it really failure of government or failure of our, the people of India?  our dear prime minister said that in 2020 India will be the country of most young generation. We will have the great man power. Late me know that is there any strong plan they have to use in better way this man power and control it? If they can not control the manpower of present how they can be sure to control the manpower of future? I know there is no planning and if it is , then it may definitely poor. Otherwise the worst incidents [as pune bomb blasts] are happening in India would not happened. Is u people do not feeling there is something lacking. Lacking of our support to governments schemes, rules and regulation and lacking of government servants honesty. Corruption is hollowing us every day, every minute and the worst thing that we are not supporting to stop it. When someone other person tried to stop this monster, we didnt help him and just laugh on him, pointing that why he is wasting his time and money? why he dont live in peace? what the drama he is doing? I heard this all things about ,'Annaji' when he was doing fast. Whats this all? for whom he was there fasting? to collect fund or making political party? no, he was there for us and what we done...... nothing. Because we have a family life, we have so many responsibilities, or we are too busy? no we are just mean people, so selfish.
Ahhhh there is so much discontent in me about us, about my brothers and sister's, but why I am blaming them. Because I am also one of them.
Writer, Archana Sonagre. M.A. (Public Admin).

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