Saturday, 12 May 2012


From childhood i am fond of music. In teenage music became my craze. No one can say that when my mood become to listen which song? So my this craze has became a difficulty for me. Because in  90's i was always questioned that how many cassettes i have to buy more to collect my loved songs? then i started to buy blank cassettes and record them with my favorite songs. but again how many cassettes i will collect? as the time passes we got CD's. I felt relax. but still there was something missing. i was wanted something which provide me my choice whenever i wish. and what a miracle that one day before 2-3 year my elder brother introduce me to 'you tube!'. i am feeling great. my life has changed. now i can here any song, tune,  any time, anywhere. also no need to collect cassettes, no need to record them. no need to take care of CD's. it's not fun? that i can watch any serial, drama or movie anytime. no matter how many old that movie or serial. just type the name and year and you get a long list. then just choose your choice. i never expect this change but i always wanted something like this and now i am very happy with you tube. you tube is not only useful to hear songs or tunes. it works for anything you type. whenever mom said me to prepare any new dish, i just saw on you tube it's making and really i become master in it. i fall in love with you tube. it has become one of my basic need. i done many thing with it. i have learned ' how to do manicure and pedicure at home? sewing cloth's, weaving sweater, stitching, making rangoli's. wow...... because of this my family is happy. they are getting a fun new day and so i am meeting with a new fun everytime. thus one must say that internet is fun because it provide you a genie who follows your every order and fulfill your life with fun....   

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