Friday, 18 May 2012

Hey sun, I dont afraid you!

Aarchi was a very sweet and cute girl. Also dare was her strength as she never afraid to anyone or anything, except sun ray's. As all girl has a fear of getting tanned skin, she had too. So never used to like 'summer' season, because of the extra sun shine of sun which made her skin black. Also as Indian weather is mostly hot and sunny. Whenever she few much ray's of sun she wore full sleeves dress. Never used to show her any body part to sun. Her friends always teased her by saying ,'' Why dont you used to wear 'Burkha?'' or ''You should wear the dress of nun.'' Too bad! But her fear of getting skin tanned by sun was so much that she could not wear dresses as other girls. She mostly used to stay at home in this period. But this year her mom dad fixed her marriage and her future in-laws fixed the date for marriage in the month of may. Horrible for her.She had to do lots of shopping. She has to do many things. And for all She has to went in sun. No, never. Before marriage she did not wanted to get black by sun rays. She used some sun expert lotion's. But all shown same result. She thought she has gone. But god blessed her as always and sent her online friend to help her.Oh thanx to her dear friend Kyra. When Aarchi was worrying about her skin, the itching she was getting from sun and the sweating, Kyra came across to her. She told Aarchi something exciting. She introduce Aarchi to Lakme Sun Expert. Still Aarchi was worrying because there were only fifteen days remained for Aarchi's marriage when she mate to Kyra. Aarchi was crying and Kyra was smiling as she had what Aarchi was wanted. Kyra took Archi at Lakme Beauty Saloon. The beauty expert told Aarchi that fifteen days are enough to work for Lakme Sun Expert. Also the expert said that ''There is nothing to worry when Lakme Sun Expert is with you. Go outside and do shopping without any  fear of sun shine. Just use Lakme Sun Expert every day.'' Aarchi felt cool after thas meeting. She done all shopping with Kyra because now she was ready to face the sun. They traveled in auto, rickshaws, buggies. Still she did not get black in her marriage ceremony. Her skin remained whitish as it was and not get tanned. Aarchi was too happy and so Kyra. Kyra danced in 'Baraat' and enjoyed the marriage. The both friends were so much happy and enjoyed each other's company from the last fifteen days. While there was 'Bidaai' ceremony happening Aarchi hugged Kyra and said,''Thanx for introducing me with Lakme Sun Expert. Now I have became fearless in all means.'' Then Aarchi looked at sun and said,''Hey sun, I dont afraid you!'' and smiled......

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