Friday, 20 January 2012


Writing poem is my passion. Whatever I see it express through my poems automatically. I do not have to take much load for it. And may be that is the reason that readers appreciate my poems, because it seems so real. Same has happened while I was in Shibir of Swarupyog Pratishthan at Gwalior for three days. Three days with my Swamiji, Shri Madhavanand [Dr Madhav Nagarkar] was amazing. In those three days whatever come in my mind I wrote down here and there, mean whatever I got to write that time. After shibir Svamiji asked for feedback. So I sent them a four line, one of my poems which I wrote in shibir time. I had expected that the poem would come in Swaroopyog magazine but never expected that Swamiji will tell about this poem to all. Hmm I shocked, may be because I am still unknown to power of my words...........
Let's check the four lines,

शिबीर म्हणजे एक हौस, शिबीर म्हणजे एक मौज
हौस आध्यात्मात रमण्याची, मौज आध्यात्म अनुभवण्याची
ध्यान सागरात डुबकी मारून, स्वत्वाला जाणण्याची 
भावतरंगात वाहून, भावविभोर होण्याची!!!

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