Sunday, 29 January 2012

Agneepath - old vs new

today I watched Agneepath and felt,'how I waste my time?'
when I heard that film industry is going to make remake of Agnipath, I thought they will sign Shaharukh for lead role, Vijay Dinanath Chauhan! because he done well with Don. At least satisfied. as new Agnipath released my mind start to compare old with new. for good comparison I watched old Agnipath again, when ruuu told me that we are going to watch new Agnipath! I thought new one is xerox copy of old Agnipath. but however I was wrong. there were so many differences between both movies. old Agnipath was really great and our Big B was greater. If we compare new to old, there is no stand for new one. there are so many lacks in new Agnipath. and the main lack is the lead person, Hritvik Roshan. I am not saying that he is a bad actor, but he could not leave the Big B impact on audience. because his face is romantic, sober and not harsh as our angry young man Amitabh. he tried very well but he could not win the success. then background music was just gave the feeling of violence and not the experience of situation. in old movie there were no much scope for songs, romanticism and heroine. that movie was pure angry young man style. while here they waste there time in songs and film moved slowly in between. on other hand old movie moves direct and with constant speed. no chance for audience to getting bore. then the famous dialogue ,'baap ka nam,'Dinanath Chauhan' has used in the end, which shows lack of Big B factor to people. while in old one movie this dialogue had used in starting and so it become the life of the movie,'Agnipath!'
all over I dont like the remake of Agnipath. 'chikni chameli' was amazing. Sanjubaba gave a evil feeling. his emotionless face, stone hear-ted behavior and satanic laugh make me fearful, he was looking like a real Rawan [without 10 heads]. he worked hard, but still films should not show that much violence. I think that violence was not need-able. I saw half movie by closing my eyes. Its funny but I really afraid to Kancha..... Ohhh I missed Mithun Chakravarti's character too much. 
Hmm so in last I want to say that old one Agneepath is the winner of my comparison. thankyou!

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